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Made for Trade – Shabana Muneer discusses solutions to UK skill shortages

Employment expert Shabana discusses solutions to skills shortages
Employment expert Shabana Muneer discusses potential solutions to skills shortages and what criteria businesses will need to meet in order to benefit.
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Made for Trade – Shabana Muneer discusses skill shortages across UK

Shabana Muneer discusses skills shortages
In our recent webinar “How do you make a resilient supply chain?”, employment expert Shabana Muneer discussed why we are currently seeing skills shortages across so many sectors in the UK.
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Made for Trade – Nick McQueen talks about customer & supplier relationships

Nick McQueen presenting at the International Trade Webinar
International Trade expert Nick McQueen discusses the importance of addressing what to do when things go wrong with supplier relationships & what contractual provisions can be put in place to deal with those scenarios.
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Webinar recording: How do you make a resilient supply chain?

Made for Trade - The International Trade report logo
Walker Morris’ International Trade specialists recently held a webinar exploring how to create a resilient supply chain, and discuss recent trends in supply chain disputes.
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Supply chain resilience and contracting

Aaron Dixon
Aaron Dixon, Senior Associate in the Commercial Group, explains supply chain resilience and its impact on contracting issues in the manufacturing sector.
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